Dri-Eaz GE MMS2 Protimeter Restoration Kit

Dri-Eaz GE MMS2 Protimeter Restoration Kit

The Dri-Eaz GE MMS2 Restoration Kit comes complete with everything you need to detect, measure and monitor moisture in the restoration environment. Featuring the all-new MMS2 Moisture Meter from GE, this kit provides complete moisture detection and measurement capabilities, sub-surface moisture migration detections, full hygrometer features and data logging capabilities. Easily and accurately evaluate wood, wood floors, gypsum, concrete, plaster, cinder block, and much more.


The MMS2 Restoration Kit includes:

  • MMS2 Moisture Meter
  • Hammer electrode
  • Short Quickstick sensor
  • Remote HD MC probe attachment
  • Four (4) extra hammer pins
  • Pair of 5" deep wall probes
  • Pin calibration checker
  • Data logging software
  • Complete instructions
  • Sturdy plastic case with snap-lock tabs  

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