Drainvac Cyclonik Series Vacuum System

Drainvac Cyclonik Series Vacuum System

The Drainvac Cyclonik Series Commercial Vacuums are a central vacuum system for both dry and liquid substances that always maintain superior suction power. They are cyclonic effect vacuums that do not require a bag or filter; simply empty and clean the bucket when required. Cyclonik Series vacuums a coal dust collector and an hour meter that indicates the length the time the device has been running, which is useful for predicting the maintenance schedule. They require an outdoor exhaust to evacuate microdust, allergens and odors outside. A sticker on the unit indicates the maximum liquid level recommended. Beyond this line, the bucket gets very heavy when it comes time to empty it. If the device is used to vacuum liquid substances, the use of a float is recommended (optional accessory); it will indicate the maximum capacity by cutting off the vacuum. Cyclonik Series vacuums are very versatile and have an optional filter cartridge, power head separate from the body, and/or booster head (except for the DV1R18 model that already has a booster head).

  DV1R18 DV1R19 DV1R20
CFM 115 111 111
Height 51" (130 cm) 38" (95 cm) 51"
Diameter 15" (38 cm) 15" (38 cm) 15" (38 cm)
Weight 77 lb (35 kg) 46 lb (21 kg) 62 lb (28 kg)
Capacity 12 gal (54 L) 10 gal (46 L) 12 gal (54 L)
Electrical Requirements 2 x 15 A circuit breaker 20 A circuit breaker 20 A circuit breaker
Cord Two 6' electrical cords with 90° connection 6' electrical cord with 90° connection  6' electrical cord with 90° connection


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