Drainvac Automatik Series Vacuum System

Drainvac Automatik Series Vacuum System

The Drainvac Automatik Series Commercial Vacuums are a central vacuum system for both dry and liquid substances that always maintain superior suction power. There are no bags to change and no buckets to empty - everything is done automatically as this system is self-flushing and vacuumed substances are drained directly to the sanitary piping system. Outdoor exhaust is required. Automatik Series vacuums feature a coal dust collector, a touch pad for adjusting the emptying time of the device, LED indicators that show the programmed flushing time and an hour meter that indicates the length the time the device has been running, which is useful for predicting the maintenance schedule. They also have a booster head connection and a porthole that allows you to see the device at work and to access the internal components for maintenance.

Automatik Series Vacuums can easily adapt to your needs and each model is available in three configurations:

  • Standard: simplest installation configuration that uses little space
  • Split option: allows for positioning of the motor in a different room for less noise; if there is insufficient height space, the head may be positioned at the bucket height
  • Lower tank option: for improved easy of maintenance; allows for recovery of oversized materials, accumulation of hair, etc.
  DV2A31 DV2A32 DVDC40 DVDC40P
CFM 111 200 115 200
Height 49" (122.5 cm) 49" (122.5 cm) 49" (122.5 cm) 49" (122.5 cm)
Diameter 15" (38 cm) 15" (38 cm) 15" (38 cm) 15" (38 cm)
Weight 63 lb (29.5 kg) 63 lb (29.5 kg) 85 lb (38.5 kg) 85 lb (38.5 kg)
Capacity 6 gal (29 L) 10 gal (46 L) 6 gal (29 L) 6 gal (29 L)
Electrical Requirements 20 A circuit breaker 2 x 20 A circuit breaker 2 x 15 A circuit breaker 2 x 15 A circuit breaker
Cord 6' electrical cord with 90° connection Two 6' electrical cord with 90° connection Two 6' electrical cord with 90° connection Two 6' electrical cord with 90° connection


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