Drager Pac 7000 Personal Gas Detector

Drager Pac 7000 Personal Gas Detector

The Drager Pac 7000 detector is an impressive instrument, offering a high level of reliability and rapid warning against harmful concentrations of hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen monoxide, phosphine, or organic vapors. It features an unlimited lifetime and has been designed to ensure long-term operation. The battery and sensor can be easily replaced on-site and without additional equipment. Also, the dust and water filter on the front of instrument can be replaced when clogged with dirt or mud. It has an impact resistant housing that features a protective rubber coating and is impervious to corrosive chemicals. A crocodile clip securely fastens the instrument to the user's clothing and can be adjusted to allow for individual preferences. This product also has carefully positioned sensors to allow gas intake from both the top and front of the device and a large display that shows both the gas concentration and the measurement unit. In addition to a vibrating alarm, it emits an audible, multi-tone signal and a clear 360° visual alarm via bright, flasing LEDs at the top and base of the instrument.

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