Dentec BurnFree Minor Burn Care Products

Dentec BurnFree Minor Burn Care Products

Dentec BurnFree products are for first aid use for minor burns including sunburns, cuts and abrasions. When applied to a burn wound, BurnFree products reduce and/or eliminate the pain upon contact. It starts the cooling process immediately, preventing the burn from penetrating deeper into the skin tissue. BurnFree products promote faster healing and reduce the possibility of blisters and scars if applied to the wound area in the early stages.


The BurnFree product line includes the following:

  • BurnFree Pain Relieving Gel is a proprietary, second generation burn care product. Unlike traditional products, this gel does not have lidocaine which makes it suitable for use on small children and avoids potential
    allergic reactions. Available in 3.5 gm individual sachets, 59 mL squeeze bottle or 118 mL squeeze bottle.
  • BurnFree Dressings have been effectively designed for quick response to burn injuries. Unlike most polyester gauze products, BurnFree utilizes a unique open-cell foam delivery system that allows BurnFree gel to completely permeate the dressing. It gets more gel to the wound and allows for better heat absorption and cooling of the burn. All BurnFree dressings are sterile. Available in 4" x 4", 8" x 8" and 12" x 12" sizes.
  • BurnFree Fire/Trauma Blankets provide immediate physical protection as well as smoke and heat shielding protection from fire. They also meet requirements for a fire blanket when used for rescue or escape. BurnFree Blankets can be used as a body wrap to extinguish fires and to cool and moisten burns. Blankets are packed in soft-sided bags with carrying
    straps. Available in 36" x 30", 6" x 5" and 8" x 5" sizes.
  • BurnFree Burn Care Kits come in various sizes to meet the requirements of industry, food service and emergency
    services and personal use. In addition to BurnFree products, these kits include additional items such as various bandages, splints and instruments for use in first aid burn treatment. Stock and custom kits available.

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