DBI Sala Sealed Tension Limiter

DBI Sala Sealed Tension Limiter

The DBI Sala Sealed Tension Limiter connects in line between a suspended worker and a winch line. If the worker becomes entangled, the deployment of a bright yellow cable cues the crane operator to stop. When the Sealed Tension Limiter deploys, it limits loads to reduce the possibility of severe injury. Following the activation, the device automatically resets. The design is based upon proven DBI Sala Sealed-Blok technology to ensure that the Sealed Tension Limiter will perform in any environment and endure virtually any condition. Dynamic components are sealed inside the housing to protect against moisture/water penetration and the finest particulate contaminants. The heavy-duty design ensures it will stand up to the harshest environments; it is corrosion-resistant with an aluminum housing and stainless steel end plates. The stainless steel cable also resists abrasion and corrosion and has a 8 ft tail with clear tube to protect it and allow for easy inspection. The device also has a large, easy to connect pivoting anchor and carabiner that centers the load and a stainless steel triple locking swivel hook with a 3600lb gate to limit lifeline twisting. The built-in carrying handle makes for easy transport and can be used for dropped objects protection, while the ergonomic cable handle provides added comfort and ease-of-use when making connections.

Please note: This product alone will not make a material winch a man-rated winch. The Sealed Tension Limiter is designed to limit the loading force a person could be subjected to should they become entangled in the structure while the main winch line continues to operate. Always use a separate fall protection device with the Sealed Tension Limiter device.

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