DBI Sala Salalift II Winch

DBI Sala Salalift II Winch

The DBI Sala Salalift II Winch is a manually operated winch that offers easy operation performed by rotating the handle to raise or lower personnel or materials. It has a 6:1 gear ratio mechanical advantage which offers 12.75 ft/min (3.9 m) winching speed with no power source required to help facilitate fast and efficient rescues. The operator activated free-wheel mode feature allows the drum to rotate freely, paying out the lifeline as the worker below moves downward while the level wind system aids in spooling the lifeline onto the drum evenly and prevents slack line for smooth, effortless operation. The overload clutch feature ensures the device will automatically slip to prevent severe overloading or damage and prevent injury to entangled personnel during raising. An overspeed brake in free-wheel mode will lock and stop the falling worker, absorb energy and allow the operation to reset and continue. The reserve lifeline retention system allows the brake to activate and absorb energy if a fall occurs at the end of the lifeline travel. Quick mount brackets allow for permanently attached bracket mates with the support structure bracket and offer simple detent pin attachment for quick and easy set-up. The swiveling snap hook with impact indicator provides secure connection to load and prevents the lifeline from twisting while offering a visual indicator if the device has been impact loaded. This winch also features a durable corrosion resistant construction using superior materials including anodized aluminum, stainless and zinc plated steel to protect the components for extended longevity. Available with 60, 90 or 120 ft abrasion resistant galvanized steel wire rope.

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