DBI Sala Pour-In-Place Netting System

DBI Sala Pour-In-Place Netting System

DBI Sala Pour-In-Place Netting System replaces the need for covering small openings such as stairwells or elevator shafts with planking or plywood to protect from such hazards. Pour-In-Place netting provides safe and secure passive fall protection as well as debris retention for personnel working on the protected floors. The unique coating protects the net for extended longevity, offers protection from ultra violet light, resists abrasion, and bonds all convergent points together for added durability and extended product life. It is sized on-site by the user for a custom fit and then easily attaches to reinforcing steel using cable ties or tie wires prior to pouring the floor. For greater work site versatility, the system can be positioned over or under opening form work. The netting can also be partially removed for penetrations as the job site changes for added flexibility. Removal is just as fast; simply cut the netting down using a scissors or blade. Available in 8 ft x 50 ft or 8 ft x 100 ft sizes.

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