DBI Sala Nano-Lok Edge Self Retracting Lifeline

DBI Sala Nano-Lok Edge Self Retracting Lifeline

The DBI Sala Nano-Lok Edge Self Retracting Lifeline has been specifically designed sharp edge applications and for foot level tie-off. Adhering to the most stringent standards, Nano-Lok Edge is engineered to perform in the toughest sharp edge conditions. Why? Because on your job site, sharp edges are a reality, and you never know how sharp they are. Now you don't have to. In your line of work, anchoring at your feet may be the only option. Traditional equipment is not designed for this application. In fact, using a traditional product anchored at your feet may increase the risk of injury and create a false sense of security. The Nano-Lok Edge is specifically designed for foot level tie-off, virtually eliminating these hazards. (*Always ensure that proper fall protection hierarchy is followed before employing foot level anchoring.)

The Nano-Lok Edge SRL has an 8 ft working length and has been ergonomically designed for comfort. It's bright orange colour lets you know your worker has the right gear on for the job. The integrated, backpack-style energy absorber and connector work together to limit forces to protect against sharp edges. The backpack design stays tight to the harness and evenly disperses the unit's weight. Providing 360 degrees of rotation, the direct-to-harness connection provides seamless integration of the energy absorber and leaves the D-ring open for rescue or other equipment. The global sharp edge icon quickly and easily identifies the Nano-Lok Edge as a sharp edge product. The 3/16" (5 mm) tough and flexible galvanized cable lifeline provides maximum range of motion, durability, and cut resistance while the lightweight, impact-resistant thermoplastic housing provides maximum durability.

Designed to meet your unique needs, the Nano-Lok Edge comes in many configurations. Single and 100% tie-off units are available with a variety of hook options. Meets CSA Z259.2.2.

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