DBI Sala ExoFit NEX Oil and Gas Harness

DBI Sala ExoFit NEX Oil and Gas Harness

The ExoFit NEX Oil & Gas Harness models combine the innovations of the ExoFit NEX harness with additional features developed specifically for the needs of the on and off shore drilling markets. With different models featuring a fixed soft seat sling, a removable rigid seat sling or lifting D-rings, these harnesses offer versatility for riding operations on the rig. Shoulder connectors allow for a separate belly board belt to be attached to the harness for positioning while performing pipe work. ExoFit NEX oil and gas harnesses are manufactured using long-lasting materials that won't add unnecessary weight, giving you the freedom and confidence to function at your maximum potential.

ExoFit NEX Oil & Gas Harnesses feature water repellant webbing to reduce the attraction of mold and dirt and provide increased abrasion resistance. The hybrid comfort padding is lightweight, moisture-wicking and breathable. It won't move or slip, always keeping the wearer comfortable. The reflective material integrated onto the legs, chest, shoulders and back provides greater visibility of the worker in dark or dangerous environments. The Tech-Lite full-size aluminum D-rings are made from an extremely lightweight alloy that offers a high level of comfort and security. The dorsal belt D-ring provides a restraint or positioning tie-off point for versatility and the stand-up dorsal D-ring has a patented spring-loaded design that automatically stands up, ensuring fast, easy and safe connections to your fall arrest system. This harness also features integrated trauma straps which provide an adjustable continuous loop for post-fall, minimizing suspension trauma, as well as a soft seat with removable rigid seat or torso lifting D-rings for versatility for riding operations on the rig.

Various models available to suit your needs. 420 lb capacity on all models.

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