DBI Sala Cynch-Lok Fall Restricting Pole Strap

DBI Sala Cynch-Lok Fall Restricting Pole Strap

The DBI Sala Cynch-Lok Fall Restriction Device was developed by linemen for linemen. It is a user friendly pole climbing device that meets the stringent CSA Z259.14 standard. Cynch-Lok features almost effortless adjustment, allowing you to easily hitch-hike poles with a hand position that's comfortable. It also moves past obstacles without difficulty. Exterior straps can be changed depending on the type and size of pole being climbed. This interchangeability eliminates the need to purchase multiple devices and adds to Cynch-Lok's longevity by allowing you to replace components. It's unique design "cynches" around a pole in the event of a cut-out or fall. When used correctly, it limits your fall distances in accordance with CSA standards. The Cynch-Lok also features a mobile protective sleeve that helps prevent abrasion of the interior rope, prolonging product life. The rope adjuster has an easy to use torsion spring for greater strength and enhanced mobility, allowing users to position comfortably on the pole. The double-braided rope has a technora core making it cut and fire resistant with a high tensile strength. Rope (pictured top) and web (pictured bottom) models available.

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