Conney Safety WingWalker Collision Avoidance System

Conney Safety WingWalker Collision Avoidance System

Inspired by working airline officials, Conney Safety's WingWalker™ Collision Avoidance System SMS tool was developed based on the ideas and experience of the hardworking men and women in air traffic control ground support. This system provides advanced warning of collisions to improve SMS standards, and increase situational awareness. WingWalker contributes to significantly reduced accidents at gates, resulting in fewer injuries and helping to avoid preventable expenses.

The WingWalker™ is a wireless collision avoidance safety system that prevents accidents during pushback operations by providing advanced warning to tug operators. It will improve your safety performance benchmarks while avoiding costly downtime and repairs from avoidable collisions. Most importantly, the WingWalker Safety Management System (SMS) easily integrates with your existing business practices.

By simply pressing the warning button on the LED transmitting wand, ground support now has the ability to instantly send a message to the tug operator to stop in the event of a potential collision or incident. The tug operator immediately receives the signal via a vibrating alarm pager putting out up to 120 dB. In addition, our signal activated LED tug strobe will flash, giving you an added layer of redundancy and safety.

Each WingWalker™ Kit contains:

  • 2 LED Transmitting Wands
  • 2 Standard LED Batons
  • Wireless Tow Beacon
  • Vibrating Alarm Pager
  • Dual Charging Station

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Conney Safety WingWalker Collision Avoidance System

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