Benefect Disinfectant

Benefect Disinfectant

Benefect Botanical Disinfectant features an ingenious mixture of plant extracts that surpasses government efficacy requirements for hospital disinfectants but are also Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) or as Direct Food Additives by the FDA. Benefect's botanical active ingredient is classified by public health authorities as having no known adverse affects to human health or the environment, making it safe for use in facilities where there are children, pets, the elderly and chemically-sensitive individuals. It is DIN registered with Health Canada and kills over 99.99% of bacteria, mould and fungal spores. Benefect Disinfectant does not require any rinsing or wiping, saving time and labour. It is ready to use with no mixing required. Benefect Disinfectant is available 4 litre jugs, 20 litre pails and 200 litre drums.


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