Asbeguard SAFE-T-STRIP® Glovesheets

Asbeguard SAFE-T-STRIP® Glovesheets

Asbeguard SAFE-T-STRIP® Glovebags isolate hazardous substances to allow workers to safely remove the substance from a mechanical system, while protecting themselves and the surrounding environment from exposure to the substance. They deliver the highest performance for asbestos removal because of design features that save labour while increasing safety.






  • Packaged in a convenient dispensing box that protects the unused bags from damage due to handling.
  • Bags packaged as a roll can be cut off and used in sections of one, two, three or more.
  • FiberGuard glovesleeves ensure an air and liquid tight seal at this critical point. Latex work gloves are extra large and flock lined for worker comfort.
  • Proper glovesleeve positioning lets the worker reach the insulation without having to support the weight of debris. This eliminates worker fatigue and increases productivity.
  • Pre-cut tops with fitted-collars eliminate awkward cutting and measuring on the job. This allows the worker to attach the glovebag quickly and safely with no bunching of the bag where it attaches to the pipe.
  • Ultra strong virgin polyethylene ensures excellent viewing of the work area while yielding the highest seal quality.
  • A large drop-in tool pouch is positioned for quick and easy access to your tools.
  • Entry ports allow safe, fiber and liquid tight attachment of the HEPA vacuum and wetting agent/encapsulant wand.

SAFE-T-STRIP® Glovesheets are designed for large scale applications to safely contain awkwardly sized structures. They incorporate mutliple glovesets to make all surfaces accessible within the contained area.

  • SSGH62083-30 is designed for large horizontal pipes, vessles, ducts and
    beams. 3 debris chambers/chutes channel waste away from the work area. It can enclose structures up to 30" in diameter and safely contain a 18' horizontal work area.
  • SSGH1220144-72 is designed for large vessels and boilers. 4 debris chambers/chutes channel waste away from the work area. It can enclose structures up to 72" in diameter and safely contain a 18' horizontal work area.
  • SSGV1261-12 is a vertical glovesheet designed for abatement on 12" diameter x 12' risers. In addition to pipe insulation, it can also be used on ductwork and beams. See also SAFE-T-STRIP® Vertical Glovebags for additional information.
Model Bag Dim Pipe Dia Glove Assy Vertical or
Qty Pkg
SSGH62083-30 240" x 156" (9 mil) up to 30" 8 sets/bag Horizontal 1 Case
SSGH1220144-72 240" x 228" (9 mil) up to 72" 12 sets/bag Horizontal 1 Case
SSGV1261-12 96" x 180" (6 mil) up to 12" 6 sets/bag Vertical 5 Case

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