Allegro Venturi Blower

Allegro Venturi Blower

Allegro Venturi Blowers are ideal for moving air in a variety of applications where fumes need to be removed that may be poisonous, explosive or hazardous from process towers, tanks, large pipes or confined spaces. Venturi blowers can also be used to cool workers in elevated temperature conditions or heavy equipment, contributing to greater productivity. These blowers can also be used to quickly remove welding fumes, hot air, gases and smoke.

Venturi Blowers are available in various sizes for both types models:

  • Steel - constructed of galvanized steel with a cast aluminum base and steel handle; also has a grounding cable and 1/2" Chicago (universal) style connection
  • Plastic - constructed of rugged, dent-proof linear low density polyethylene recyclable plastic with casted aluminum inlet housings; also has multiple inlet ports, static ground connection attached to the inlet housing and "crow's foot" standard connection

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