3M DBI SALA Small Parts Pouch

3M DBI SALA Small Parts Pouch

The 3M DBI SALA Small Parts Pouch is designed with drop prevention in mind. Small parts such as nuts, bolts, screws and nails are placed inside the pouch, at which point they are immediately secured by the innovative self-closure system. Even when the pouch is flipped vertically, the pouch traps objects inside, making it nearly impossible for them to fall out. Objects are easy to retrieve since no opening or closing is necessary. Belt loops located on the back make it compatible with most tool belts. It can also be worn from a harness using a carabiner. Pouches are made from either 18 oz duck canvas, or easy to clean, puncture resistant vinyl.

Model Description Qty
1500122 Small Parts Pouch, vinyl, yellow 1
1500119 Small Parts Pouch, canvas, black 1
1500120 Small Parts Pouch, canvas, tan 1
1500121 Small Parts Pouch, canvas, orange 1
1500123 Small Parts Pouch, Extra Deep, canvas, black 1

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