3M Adflo PAPR

3M Adflo PAPR

The 3M Adflo PAPR (powered air purifying respirator) system has been created to meet your respiratory needs. With its smart, compact design, this unit is designed to offer continuous filtered air and evenly distributes it throughout the entire breathing zone of the helmet. By using the Adflo PAPR, you get both increased protection and comfort. The slim profile is perfect for use in tight spaces. Its ergonomics are based on your need for lightweight, adaptable and easy-to-use respiratory protection. With the HE filter and OV/AG cartridge, the Adflo PAPR can help protect against both particles and certain gases, all in one system. And you can selectively replace either the particle filter or the OV/AG cartridge as needed: you don’t need to change the filter and cartridge at the same time. The Adflo PAPR is designed to provide airflow which is at a constant nominal rate of approximately 7 CFM (205 litres/minute), regardless of the battery’s charge or the particle loading of the filter. The NiMH battery fully charges in approximately four hours; expected operating time is up to 8-10 hours with a new particle filter and a new, fully-charged battery. This unit also features a filter/battery indicator to show the loading status of the particle filter and remaining battery life.

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